The name BEAT® stands for ‘Battery Enhancement And Treatment’ device. This acronym refers to a “heartbeat” or “pulse”, which is how our product delivers its Crystal Control Technology (CCT®): via electric pulses that are sent through the battery when the BEAT® is active.

The BEAT®50 is WaveTech’s standard product and is a low-cost version of WaveTech’s BEAT®100. The BEAT®50 is a great product and can be used on electrical scooters, electrical wheelchairs, electrical lifts, electrical traffic lights, and on small electrical vehicles, like small forklifts up to 36 volts 600Ah.

All BEAT® products function on the same basic CCT® technology and can be used on all standard 12V lead-acid battery varieties: Wet, Flooded, VRLA, Gel and AGM batteries and other forms of standard or advanced batteries using the lead-acid chemistry.

The BEAT®50 can be used in virtually all climatic conditions (tested from -40 to +85 degrees centigrade) and will perform without any problems in heavy weather situations. The use of the BEAT®50 on ships’ batteries is explicitly intended (tested to marine environmental standards BS EN60945 & ASTM B117). However, the product must not be operated in or under water.

The BEAT®50 can be used for operating systems from 12 to 36 Volts and up to 600Ah in the following configurations:

  • 1x BEAT®50 over 1 x 12v battery (total 12v)1.2d
  • 1x BEAT®50 over 2 x 6v batteries (total 12v)
  • 2x BEAT®50 over 2 x 12v batteries (total 24v)
  • 2x BEAT®50 over 4 x 6v batteries (total 24v)
  • 3x BEAT®50 over 3 x 12v batteries (total 36v)
  • 3x BEAT®50 over 6 x 6v batteries (total 36v)

Systems with a higher voltage, Amperes or cell configuration can be served using the BEAT®200. (For more details please see our webpage ‘Connecting the BEAT®‘)

BEAT® Products

WaveTech’s CCT® product line now holds three products aimed at the lead-acid battery market:

  • BEAT®50 – WaveTech’s standard product which can be used on virtually all 12V-36V lead-acid batteries up to 600Ah.
  • BEAT®100 – Equipped with the same basic CCT® as the BEAT®50, but regarded as its big brother. The BEAT®100 offers an additional output socket which enables data collection and communication with the charging unit.
  • BEAT®200Designed to bring Crystal Control Technology to 48V battery systems and above, up to 1,000Ah. The introduction date of the BEAT®200 is set for Q2, 2016.

The BEAT®50, with Crystal Control Technology:

  • Drastically reduces the formation of undesirable, large lead sulphate crystals on the positive and negative electrodes.
  • Breaks down already formed, and undesirable, large lead sulphate crystals on the negative electrode, and turns these crystals back into the basic chemical building blocks of the battery, which are then absorbed into the sulphuric acid (electrolyte).
  • Renews the active material on the positive electrode by the formation of fine lead dioxide crystals.
  • Improves the build-up of homogeneous material on the positive electrode, which benefits the functionality of the electrode, causing it to work more efficiently.
  • Improves the mechanical resistance of the battery against shocks or accidents, and vastly improves the batteries resilience to high or low external temperatures, all of which enhances the durability, performance and life of the battery.

Optimizes the charging process of the battery:

  • Reduces the charge time needed so batteries charge faster.
  • Batteries charge better and reach a consistently higher voltage.
  • Batteries require less charge due to a decrease in energy conversion losses, with a typical reduction in electricity usage during charging of up to 20%.
  • Due to increased capacity and operating time, the downtime of the electronic equipment or vehicles operated by the batteries, is drastically improved.

The BEAT®50 improves the performance of the battery:

  • Doubles the lifespan of a lead-acid battery producing more than a 100% increase (Battery Cycle Life or BCL improved by >140%).
  • Triples the effective capacity of a battery (the Lifetime Energy Throughput or LET increases up to 340%).
  • Batteries are better protected against deep discharge and against “undercharge”.
  • Batteries perform much better under extreme environmental conditions, and are less sensitive to changes in temperature, both heat and cold.
  • Batteries require less attention and maintenance (less gas and water filling) and are mechanically more stable.

The BEAT®50 reduces cost for maintenance and replacement batteries:

  • Doubling the lifespan of the battery means cutting the cost of buying replacement batteries by 50%.
  • The higher effective capacity of the battery means that a device that is operated by the batteries will perform optimally.
  • Battery maintenance is reduced (less water filling).
  • Downtime of devices operated by the batteries is reduced.
  • The batteries are charged better, in less time and using less current.
  • The reduction of energy conversion losses reduces cooling requirements.

The results shown are the average values ​​of measurements from different batteries, based on more than 40,000 measurement results.

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