Before 1993

After many years working in the Northern Norwegian Construction Industry, where extreme operating conditions regularly killed the lead-acid batteries of critical operating equipment, Mr. Dag A Valand, now WaveTech GmbH CEO, promised himself to find a way to make batteries work better and last longer.

1993 – 2002

After spending much time identifying the factors involved in bringing about the failing of a lead-acid battery, Dag Valand identified the formation of sulphate crystals as the main cause of failure for over 80% of all lead-acid batteries.
He then approached fellow Norwegian Dr. Ove T Aanensen, who at that time had been a leading expert in the field of Crystal Growth for a decade or more. Together they started searching to find a way to control the growth of unwanted crystals on the positive and negative plates of a battery believing that controlling the growth of crystals would stop lead-acid batteries from premature failing and would increase battery life and performance. This period in WaveTech’s history saw intensive research and testing with WaveTech filing the first of its technology patents in 1999. From this platform Dr. Aanensen and Mr. Valand continued the fine-tuning of Crystal Control Technology (CCT) to a point where their hypothesis was proven to be robust.

2003 – Now

In 2003, after 10 years of Research & Development, WaveTech A/S formally registered as a limited Norwegian technology company. In 2005, WaveTech A/S opened a subsidiary head office and testing laboratory in Rheinbach, Germany (near Bonn). At the Rheinbach facility WaveTech GmbH conducts applied research for the development and marketing of products that alter molecular structures of electrodes; mostly within liquids. In addition to the research and development conducted in WaveTech GmbH laboratories, other research laboratories are active. The laboratories are linked to leading European universities who cooperate with WaveTech GmbH in the research, development and optimizing of scientifically formulated products.

WaveTech is solely funded by private equity. The structure of the company now looks like this:

Company structure (simple)

Company structure

WaveTech’s Achievements

WaveTech GmbH’s specialization, the development of technologies for the targeted manipulation of crystallization formations, has been globally patented under the term Crystal Control Technology (CCT). WaveTech is also holder of global patents that are the foundation of our BEAT products. WaveTech has gained support from Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway.

Vision and Mission Statement

WaveTech GmbH is a company that has a strong environmental DNA. That DNA is specifically highlighted in the company’s vision, mission and stated objective.


Our vision is to develop the use of Crystal Control Technology (CCT) for the sustainable future and benefit of our planet, the environment and mankind.


Our mission is to positively impact the environment through energy savings and by increasing the efficient use of global natural resources through the use of Crystal Control Technology (CCT).


Our objective is to deliver the benefits of Crystal Control Technology (CCT) by its deployment and use in all energy storage devices worldwide.

We are passionate about our business and we want to develop the best scientifically formulated products for our customers. (Quote Dag Valand, CEO)

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